About Us

Our initial interest in the Jensen cars dates back almost 40 years, when my eyes first encountered their stand at the Melbourne International Motor Show in 1972 which was featuring a Mark III Interceptor with a 440 cubic inch motor. I thought to myself that the Jensen Interceptor was something very special because, at the time, you would read all the hype about the Ford GTHOs with 351 engines and all the hype about the Holden Monaros with 350 engines, yet the Jensen Interceptor had a 440 engine, which was bigger and better.

Each year thereafter I made a point of seeking out the Jensen stand at the Motor Show. In 1975, the Jensen Convertible was on display and featured on the front cover of the Motor Show brochure. But it was 1976’s arrival of the Jensen Interceptor Coupe that set my pulse racing. Just the look of the car, its stance, the way it was positioned. I suppose that was the thing that grabbed me more than anything else.

Jensen Interceptor SS


Whilst living and working abroad in the early 1980s, I had the opportunity whilst in London to meet some of the original Jensen Motors Ltd engineers whom once worked in the West Bromwich factory up until its closure in 1976. During various discussions with the engineers, my fondness of the Jensen Interceptor Coupe kept arising thus leading the engineers to say how some of the Coupe’s styling elements were changed prior to it going into production, specifically the back window treatment.

After meeting the original Jensen engineers, I made several visits to the West Bromwich factory, which was being used as Jensen Parts and Services, to discover and learn more about the Jensen cars and especially the Coupe, firsthand.

Upon arriving back in Australia, it came to my attention that their was no one looking after the Jensen Interceptor cars specifically, therefore I established my own Jensen repair centre, Jensen Motors Australia in 1988. In the preceding years I developed a close friendship with some of the new engineers working for Jensen Cars Ltd, which re-formed from 1984 to 1992. These engineers were working on the latest incarnation of the company and thus would post polaroids of the latest designs the company was experimenting with. This allowed me to catalogue the images to get a clearer picture of what the engineers had in mind for the next evolution of the car. With the information from the Jensen engineers and my own vision for the car, I set about creating the ultimate evolution for the Jensen car, with its timeless styling being complemented by modern features to ensure safety and reliability.

The Jensen engineers were very interested in my ideas as during 1990, I was in the process of developing a Jensen Interceptor that featured a 440ci fuel injection/super charged engine that had a programmable computerised controller, running with a 727 auto with gear overdrive gear box. This engine was also fitted with headers/extractors as part of its exhaust system. When the Jensen engineers discovered that the headers/extractors were also being developed and manufactured by us for standard 383/440 engines, they placed orders for us to supply Jensen Cars Ltd.

Over the years we have built Jensen Interceptors that have featured in Targa Tasmania, Adelaide Grand Prix and Indy Car Rally. In addition we have developed many modern components for the Jensen Interceptor under our trademark Interceptor SS.

However, our most outstanding achievement to date is the development of the Worlds First Jensen Interceptor V10 (Coupe).